Go Solar with no $ upfront!
No loans, off balance sheet

The installation is free. You pay as you go. Save from day 1. We specialize in Churches & Nonprofits

Fill out the form to the right, and a K12 Solar Consultant will create a free, no-obligation solar analysis, customized for your property.

There is nothing to lose. Find out if you can save.

Because we work with Churches and nonprofit everyday, we understand the needs of your board and the time your board might need to move the project forward.

As a matter of fact, some of our team members are Church board members, former church accountants, former pastors, etc. We really have a passion to help nonprofits and churches save money.

These are the basics of the Pay as you go program

  1. Pay as you go. No money upfront
  2. We install a solar system on our dime
  3. You just buy the solar electricity
  4. The price of the solar electricity is set from day one, typically at a lower rate than the utility's

This analysis combines your electric usage data from the past 12 months, historic weather patterns in your neighborhood, and numerous other factors that impact your solar system. As a result, it typically takes 3-5 days to put together. We look forward to getting in touch with you soon!

Roof Installation at Destiny Church

Walnut Creek Methodist Church

Lutheran Church of Resurrection

Get your free, customized solar savings analysis.

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